South Shore Regional Vocational

Technical High School

Project Overview

Since starting the feasibility and completing the first submission to the MSBA, the options of building layout and enrollment continued to be narrowed down from the original 30 versions, and the goal was to have the one final option selected in February.

At the SBC meeting on February 22, 2024 the School Building Committee formally voted on proceeding with submitting the Preferred Schematic Report on February 29, with the selected option NC2.0 with an enrollment of 900 students and that was submitted on February 29 to the MSBA.

The project team evaluated the layout on the site and determined the best option to accomodate the school activities while working with the restraints of the site such as wetlands, traffic patterns, parking and athletic fields was Option 1. 

Project Background

On or about June 2, 2021, the Owner submitted a Statement of Interest (Attachment A) to the MSBA for South Shore Regional Vocational Technical High School. The MSBA is an independent public authority that administers and funds a program for grants to eligible cities, towns, and regional school districts for school construction and renovation projects. The MSBA’s grant program is discretionary, and no city, town, or regional school district has any entitlement to any funds from the MSBA. At the October 26, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, the MSBA voted to issue an invitation to the Owner to conduct a feasibility study for this Statement of Interest to identify and study possible solutions and, through a collaborative process with the MSBA, reach a mutually-agreed upon solution.

Project Timeline and Status

JUNE 2, 2021

South Shore Tech Submits a Statement of Interest to the MSBA

OCTOBER 26, 2022

MSBA Invites South Shore Tech Into the Feasibility Study Program

February 6, 2023

Leftfield is appointed as the OPM

MAY 2023

South Shore Tech Selects DRA as Their Designer for the Project

MAY 2023

The Feasibility Study for South Shore Tech Starts


PDP is Submitted to the MSBA


PSR is submitted to the MSBA



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South Shore Tech’s School Building Committee voted at the December 14th Meeting to proceed with CM-at-Risk procurement for the project. The process was started by submitting a request for approval to the Inspector General’s office and receiveing the approval on March 8, 2024. Public advertising for CM firms Pre-Qualifications (RFQ) was done on March 6 with responses due on March 27, and it will be followed by Request for Proposals (RFP) from the qualified firms and an interview process in early May.

While evaluating the options for enrollment and building, the project team has issued estimated Tax Impact Analysis for the different districts. This analysis is provied for comparison purposes ONLY and it will be updated and finalized at the end of schematic design.

A message from Superintendent Tom Hickey
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South Shore Tech, the selected designer, Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. (DRA), and the project team are in the midldle stages of the Feasibility Study. The first portion was spent on educational visioning and space planning, and  the first submission to the MSBA known as the PDP (Preliminary Design Program), was submitted in October, 2023. The next step in the feasibility study is the PSR (Preferred Schematic Report) submission, targeted for April 2024. 



Hanover Advisory Committee Meeting

January 31, 2024 – 7pm

Abington Forum

January 25, 2024 – 7pm

School Building Committee Meeting

January 25, 2024 – 5:30pm

Whitman Community Forum

December 14, 2023 7pm

School Building Committee Meeting

December 14, 2023 3pm

Community Forum #3

December 5, 2023 7pm